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Dating clubs in russian

An expat friend of mine found this out the hard way, when he arrived spontaneously at his ladies apartment, only to find a pair of brown shoes, next to the white sneakers in the hall.She wasn’t particularly bothered at being caught entertaining a Dutch lion. ”From the moment you’ve entered Stalingrad, you’re definitely, unequivocally, joined at the hip, like Siegfried and Roy.” Like death, filing annual tax returns, or dog poo on the streets of Amsterdam, there’s no escaping this. In closing Dutch and Russian women have about as much in common as Donald Trump and Albert Einstein.If you have a mild heart condition, or high blood pressure, say “nyet” and go Dutch.

Please don’t shoot the exceptionally well dressed messenger.

The great thing when you first start seeing a Dutch woman, is that even if you’re having wild monkey jiggy jiggy every day of the week, you’re not actually, officially in a relationship.

For a long time you might just be ‘friends’ with benefits.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post; five differences between Dutch and Russian women.

Now before I’m inundated with angry comments, I’ll add the disclaimer that these differences are almost entirely based on my own experiences, and naturally cannot be applied to ALL Dutch or Russian women, perhaps 99.9 percent of them but not all.

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Russian women have a strong belief that the purpose of a long term relationship is simply a rehearsal for married life.

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